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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your music education. Our goal is to inspire and work towards a long-term creative musicianship. We hope that this will be a source of great happiness in life for your child and for your family.

Nordenfeltska School of Music is a non-profit organization. The school has been in operation since the 1940s, when it was founded by Birgitta Nordenfelt, one of the main personalities within Swedish music in the 20th century. Nordenfeltska is one of the oldest private music schools in Sweden. It is the largest and oldest music school in Danderyd’s Kommun. Today our activities are mainly located in Stocksund’s Centrum.


We teach:

  • Piano and synth
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Vocals
  • Recorder
  • Flute
  • Pop & Rock ensemble
  • Violin
  • Harp
  • Music theory
  • Songwriting
  • Preparing for higher music studies

We focus primarily on individual lessons and sufficient lesson time, normally 30 or 45 minutes per week. This, we believe, is crucial in order to keep the education at a high level. Obviously this affects the fee. We also provide group lessons for different instruments, as a complement. This is in order to increase the accessibility, but also when the methodology so requires.

Our ambition is to offer a varied and versatile repertoire of music. Everything from classical to modern, both written as sheet music and music that is taught by ear.

Since we have a very small administration more and more of the communication between teacher and student as well as parents is done via internet. Our home page has updated information about teachers, telephone numbers, concerts, important dates, course enrolments etc.

We would like to keep you informed via e-mail. Therefore it is highly advantageous if we have access to a working e-mail address where we can reach you. You can call the school at 070-796 48 74. We may not be able to answer directly, but leave a message with the voicemail and we will contact you asap. It is advisable to have the telephone number of your teacher, as direct communication is often most efficient.

It is crucial for the enjoyment and for the learning progress that your child has a good relation with their teacher. If for any reason you should experience that the relation is not as good as desired, please contact the teacher as soon as possible, or if you prefer contact the principals Mia Blomgren or Alexander Kronbrink.

Policy for members of Nordenfeltska Musikskolan
We follow the same holiday schedule as the schools in Danderyd, which means that we do not have lessons on the holiday days or during holiday weeks.
The autumn term consists of 14 lessons and the spring term 16 lessons.
At the beginning of the term you will receive an invoice electronically. The fee needs to be paid in full at the beginning of each term and is binding even if you no longer attend the lessons.
If the lesson is cancelled by the teacher the lesson will be rescheduled to another date. If it is not possible to find a suitable date then a substitute teacher will take the lesson.
If a student misses a lesson there is no economic compensation or free rescheduling of the lesson.
We follow the same rules and regulations as other educational associations in this respect.
Of course, special circumstances might occur and we will try to work together to find a solution that is satisfactory to both parties.
Questions regarding absenteeism: please contact your teacher. Questions regarding invoices: please contact our accountant Min Li. E-mail: ekonomi@nordenfeltska.se

We have concerts every term as well as smaller performances. Usually this takes place at Djursholm’s Slott or at Stocksund’s Library, but there might also be more informal performances at the school. We are developing a concert cooperation between Nordenfeltska School of Music and Danderyd’s communal music school/Kulturskolan. This will imply a wider variety of project possibilities such and concerts and performances. All students have the possibility to perform at concerts. Of course this is voluntarily, but our ambition is to give your child a positive feeling towards performing in front of an audience. There is no entrance fee for our student concerts

It takes regular practice to learn to play an instrument. One can not learn to play by just playing at the lessons once a week. This is in contrast to i.e. riding lessons or doing sports once a week. Most of the learning is done at home, preferably everyday at a time when there is no disturbance from the rest of the family.

Your child needs good practice routines, and as an adult you can help to create these. Set up together with the child a schedule for the practicing. Participate sometimes and inspire. Play

together if you can. Sing or comp with another instrument. Take advantage of all modern aids such as Spotify, Youtube etc. Avoid nagging and negative feelings around the practising. Sometimes different kinds of rewards can help in the beginning. Try and see what works best.

Keep an open dialogue with the teacher. The routine for lessons is as important as the routine for practicing. Make sure that sheet music and other material is packed in the school bag if your child goes directly to music lesson after school. Remind your child about the lessons in good time. Make sure that there is a folder och binder for sheet music papers.

Go together to music stores and buy music that inspires. Download sheet music from Internet. Ask your child about his or her music preferences. Show what you listened to when you were young. Give music ideas to the teacher. Find your old favourite records. The trends are returning with regularity, so they might be popular again.

Go to concerts together, for instance to Konserthuset or Berwaldhallen. Go to the Opera. Go to church concerts. Go to pop or jazz concerts or anything else that might give inspiration. Widen the exposure of music that your child receives from their usual sources.

We do not have any instruments to lend out, but your teacher can assist you in your choice of instruments and recommend music stores. In the same way as most other things in life, good quality of an instrument implies greater joy of playing it.

Children have a surprisingly good sense of quality sound. Never underestimate that. If you have an acoustic piano at home it needs tuning regularly, at least once a year. We can help you with contacts of good piano tuners. It is important for the joy of practicing to have a well tuned instrument, so tuning needs priority. A good digital piano can sometimes be an alternative.

Nowadays you find really good used acoustic piano to astonishingly low prices, for instance on the net. Used pianos can be in varying conditions. Also here we can help with contacts with good piano technicians who can assess the piano.

If you accompany your child to the music school you can wait during the lesson in the waiting room or in Stocksund’s library, which has an entrance directly to the music school.

Please be considerate and remove dirty shoes at the entrance.

With this information, we hope that we have conveyed what is most important about our activities. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with you and your child at Nordenfeltska School of Music.


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