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Nordenfeltska Musikskolan has been in place since the 1940’s, founded by the late Birgitta Nordenfelt – one of the 20th century’s biggest personalities on the Swedish music scene. Today Nordenfeltska is one of Sweden’s oldest private music schools.

The school offers individual music lessons with high quality in a wide range of instruments: piano, guitar, vocals, violin, flute, recorder, harp and more. Lesson take place during afternoons and evenings, and usually consist of one 30-min or 45-min lesson a week. We offer a varied repertoire of music styles. Everything from classical to contemporary, pop and rock, by note and by ear.

All education stands and falls with its teachers. Our teachers are active professional musicians, thus ensures a constant development of their teaching. Together with our experienced teachers, we give our students the necessary to reach their full potential. Please give us a call 070-796 48 74 and we will together find the best solution for you. You can also fill in the application of interest at the website.

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