Music and Play


Paula Ekström

Music and Play comprises rhythmics, which is a music pedagogic method where the music is experienced with the entire body. The lesson is built around a theme where music and play are involved. The music is in focus and is the target of the lesson. Through play the children will learn music principles and the will train aural skills. They will train both their music skills and their skills in interacting with the group.

The goal is that the children shall be participating and be acknowledged.

In Music&Play we use the voice and the body as instruments. We also play drums and simple rhythmic instruments. This way the children will train their body control and fine motor skills.

Music&Play 3-4 years offers a lot of song and dance, rhythm and rhymes

In Music&Play 5-6 years we will delve deeper into musical concepts and we will introduce musical notes.

Paula is a creative and competent pedagogue with many years of experience of teaching, creative activities and performances for pre-schools. At Nordenfeltska she teaches flute, fife, flute ensemble, and the course Music&Play. She has studied at SMI University College of Music Education in Stockholm, KMH Royal Institute of Music, and Stockholm University. Paula plays professionally in the duo 2Friends with the pianist Ulla Schubach.

Keeping the student/child in focus and with joy and engagement, Paula always sees possibility in learning and developing. Her telephone number is 070-496 35 15. (det står bara numret utan text i svenska versionen.)

Music&Play 3-4 years, Wednesdays 16.00-16.40

Music&Play 5-6 years, Wednesdays 17.00-17.40

Parents that are present during the lessons will be active with their child.

Unfortunately siblings that are not enrolled can not be present during the lessons.