Music production course

Producer and song writing course

"From song idea to top the charts"


With our teacher Mattias Andréasson (Grammis nominated songwriter and producer, famous from Melodifestivalen, Idol and the band EMD) the students will learn to write and to produce a song from the very beginning.

Mattias will explain everything from how a song is constructed to how you arrange and produce different electronic instruments in a song production. The goal is that every student shall have written and produced a song at the end of the course.

Price and requirements


3000 kronor per term. One term consists of 10 lessons, 60 minutes each.


The student must be at least 13 years old.

The student needs to bring a laptop computer with the program “Garageband” (which is a free program for all Mac computers) or the program “Logic” installed.

The computer needs to have a USB port to connect to MIDI keyboards that are provided in the lesson room.