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Alexander has played guitar for over 20 years and has worked as a guitar teacher at Nordenfeltska since 2008. He is also a freelance guitarist, producer and song writer. He has studied music both in Norrland and in Skåne and eventually at the jazz musician program at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Alexander has worked as a guitar teacher at Nordenfeltska since 2008 and since 2015 he is also one of our two principals. Telephone: 070-775 50 13.



Mia teaches singing and piano. She was educated as a singing- and piano pedagogue at the Music College of Örebro and at the Stockholm University of the Arts Operahögskolan . Mia is a frequently engaged concert singer. She has been singing at Dalhalla, Södra teatern, Södertäljeoperan, Säffleoperan, Vasateatern, Boulevardteatern, Confidencen, the Royal Opera and Ensemble Theatre in Biel, Switzerland. She has also been engaged by the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie. Telephone: 070-796 48 74.



Niklas has been working professionally as a drummer for over 20 years and teaches both beginners and advanced students in everything from jazz to hard rock, soft to hard and old to new. He studied at the music program at Södra Latin and at the jazz program at Birkagården College (for teachers as the internationally renowned drummers Ronnie Gardiner and Leroy Lowe). Niklas has worked with and accompanied many Swedish artists on records, on TV or live. Telephone: 070-497 64 68.



Jonatan is a piano teacher with focus on pop, rock, house, soul and jazz, but adapts the education to a large degree according to the student’s wishes and interests. Professionally he mainly works as a musician or band leader within musicals, music theatres and concerts, and he has been touring with different artists and musical projects both in Sweden and abroad. Telephone: 070-33 22 653.



Christos is a singer and vocal coach but he also works as a songwriter and producer. He is vocal coach, producer and song writer for many of today’s top singing artists such as Danny Saucedo, Erik Saade, Darin, September and Veronica Maggio. Christos works often as a vocal producer. He has coached most artists during the actual recording phase with everything from breathing technique, vibrato and dynamics to microphone technique and improvisation. For instance, as a songwriter Christos has been involved in writing Danny Saucedo’s great hit song “Det brinner i bröstet”. Mail: Christos@nordenfeltska.se



Paula is a creative and competent pedagogue with many years of experience of teaching, creative activities and performances for pre-schools. At Nordenfeltska she teaches flute, fife, flute ensemble, and the course Music&Play. She has studied at SMI University College of Music Education in Stockholm, KMH Royal Institute of Music, and Stockholm University. Paula plays professionally in the duo 2Friends with the pianist Ulla Schubach. Keeping the student/child in focus and with joy and engagement, Paula always sees possibilities in learning and developing. Her telephone number is 070-496 35 15.



Kalle teaches guitar, electric bass, theory and singer-songwriting. He has been educated at the colleges of Sjövik and Fridhem. He plays all various styles: pop, rock, jazz, soul, house, hiphop and more. Kalle works as a freelance musician and plays with different bands and artists. Originally from Göteborg, Kalle has lived in Stockholm since 2006. Telephone: 073-208 23 87.



Maria Gontevas is a singer who graduated as a singing- and piano pedagogue at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She has been singing back-up vocals for a lot of artists both live and on recordings, and she has also been singing in a gospel choir and in a vocal group. Maria has been devoted primarily to soul and jazz, but she has experience of teaching also in jazz, musical and rock. In her teaching role Maria wants to find songs together with the students and together with them dive into various areas of development such as singing technique, variation of vibrato, dynamics and also scenical expression. Mail: lizamariagontevas@gmail.com



Maria graduated as a singer and singing pedagogue from the jazz musician programme at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She has been working as a freelance singer and singing coach, and she writes her own music. As a singer she sings everything from jazz, blues and soul to pop, rock and country. Maria has many years of experience as a pedagogue of singing and she has been coaching singers from 6 to 65 years old, both in individual lessons, groups, ensembles and choirs. In her teaching she wants to motivate her students and guide them to find their own driving force, to find and maintain the joy of music and to challenge themselves to dare even more. Happiness, expression and feeling! Telephone: 073-504 00 61.



Morgan is guitar teacher and teacher for the Pop&Rock ensembles at Nordenfeltska. He has graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and works also as freelance musician besides teaching. He focuses on pop/rock in his teaching, music that the students can relate to. Telephone 070-376 47 41.



Born and raised in Borlänge, Emma teaches violin. Emmas education in brief: Falun Conservatory of Music, The Music College of Norway (as a musician), Royal College of Music (instrumental pedagogue, rhythmic and instruments, and string methodology by ear). She worked as a violin teacher and a freelance musician in Norway for more than 10 years before she packed her bags and moved back to Sweden in 2013. Telephone: 0700 500 528.



Anna has been teaching piano for many years at all levels from beginners to advanced. She as worked e.g. at Ingesund College and the music program at Södra Latin. Anna freelances as a concert pianist both in Sweden and abroad. She graduated from Royal College of Music in Stockholm both as solist and as a pedagogue for piano. After receiving a grant from the Musical Academy she had a further 3 years of education as a concert pianist in Winterthur, Switzerland. She has given masterclasses in Salzburg, Prag, Siena, Tromsö and Stockholm. Telephone: 070-755 16 14.



Agneta was educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Besides engagements as a chamber musician, she has often worked as an acting musician in severeral renowned theatre productions, among others at Uppsala Stadsteater and Riksteatern, where she has been touring worldwide. Agneta is also a member of the music groups Svenska Blockflöjtskvartetten, Pastime, Frispel, Kung Lir, och Lir&Lur. Telephone 070-644 36 25.



Eva teaches piano and singing. She is a classically trained pianist from the Nordic Conservatory of Music. Besides working as a teacher at Nordenfeltska for many years, Eva has also worked as an accompanist, repetiteur, and church musician. She has worked with many different genres such as gospel, jazz, musical and theatre music. Telephone: 073-378 77 26.



Telephone: 070-758 76 96.

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