Fife Fun

For whom

Fife play is for children in pre-school and 1st grade.

Fife is a small plastic cross flute with holes instead of flaps. The lessons include learning about rhythm, how to play, music recognition and listening games.

PRICE: SEK 1,700/autumn semester and SEK 1,900/spring semester (14 and 16 lessons respectively)

Paula Ekström

Paula is a creative and competent educator with many years of experience in teaching, creative activities and performances for preschool. At Nordenfeltska she teaches cross flute, fife, flute ensemble and the course Music and Play. She has her education from SMI, stockholm's Music Pedagogical Institute, KMH, the Royal College of Music and Stockholm University. Professionally, Paula plays in the duo 2Friends, with pianist Ulla Schuback.
With the student/child in focus and with both joy and commitment, she always sees opportunities for learning and development. Mobile: +46-70-496 35 15

Adults attending are active with their child.
Siblings who are not registered are unfortunately unable to attend the passports