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Nordenfeltska Musikskolan is the largest and oldest private music school in Danderyd municipality. We are run as a non-profit organization and have existed since the 1940s when it was founded by Birgitta Nordenfelt - one of the 20th century's strong profiles in Swedish music life. The school is centrally located at Stocksund center, with good bus connections and good parking facilities.

Individual teaching

Individual tuition
Our teachers are professional musicians with good pedagogical knowledge and great experience of how to develop your instrument. 

Teaching is individual and each student has 30 minutes alone with their teacher. The student can develop at his or her own pace and, together with the teacher, chooses the focus of the teaching. We teach everything from classical to rock.

We teach in Swedish, English, Spanish and Russian

We teach the instruments:

Piano and synthesis, guitar (acoustic & electric), singing (both classical and modern), drums, electric bass, recorder, transverse flute, violin, trumpet, saxophone, rhythm, music theory and preparatory studies for applications to music classes or higher music education.

Rent a room?

Are you a music teacher or consultant in need of a room or office space for a few hours a week? Please contact us.


Musicera för att stärka din hjärna och psykiska hälsa – Vetenskapliga bevis på positiva effekter och en väg till en bättre livskvalitet

En artikel av Viktorija Milosevska
Överläkare i Psykiatri, Styrelsemedlem på Nordenfeltska musikskola och elev på Nordenfeltska Musikskolan.
Music is a powerful art form that has the ability to affect us deeply, both emotionally and physically. But did you know that making music can have positive effects on your mental health and strengthen your brain by improving your cognitive and emotional abilities and boosting your creativity?

Our teachers

Alexander Kronbrink

School leaders

Alexander has been playing guitar for over 30 years and has been working as a guitar teacher at Nordenfeltska Music School since 2008 and as a school leader since 2015. He is also a freelance guitarist, producer and songwriter. Trained as a musician and teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. 

Mobil: 0709 – 718 260 

Mail: musikskolan@nordenfeltska.se

Anna Siwerz


Anna has been playing the piano since the age of 8 and is educated at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg. She has worked as a piano teacher for over 15 years, teaching students of all ages. Anna has worked at many different music schools in both Gothenburg and Stockholm, including Donnergymnasiet and Rytmus Musikgymnasium. Over the years she has also worked as a choral pianist for various gospel choirs and freelanced as a pianist in various contexts. Anna teaches mainly pop, soul, jazz, gospel and classical music.  

Mail: anna.siwerz@gmail.com

Vinson McMurtery


Vinson is originally from the United States. Trained as a music teacher, specializing in percussion, at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Worked as a music teacher in Sweden for 6 years at the International English School. Is also a freelance musician with experience in many different genres, both in recording and live situations.

Elisabet Sköld


Pianist/piano teacher, church musician and composer. Has studied at the Academy of Music in Örebro, Stora Sköndal's church music education and attended composition courses with Arne Mellnäs and Sven-David Sandström. Elisabet has worked as a pianist, organist, accompanist and composer in theatres, opera and ballet. Most recently "Barn i en stad" for Stockholm's gosskör and "Häxkantat" for the Ad Astra choir and soloists.

Mail: elisabet@frumusika.se

Christos Gontevas

SINGING/POP/ROCK Christos is a singer and a vocal coach but also works as a songwriter and producer. He is the vocal coach, producer and songwriter for many of today's top singers such as Danny Saucedo, Erik Saade, Darin, September and Veronica Maggio just to name a few. Since Christos works a lot as a vocal producer, he has coached most artists during the recording phase itself. Everything from breathing technique, vibrato and dynamics to microphone technique and improvisation. As a songwriter, for example, Christos has co-written Danny Saucedo's big hit "Brinner i bröstet"

Mail: Christos@nordenfeltska.mysites.io

Paula Ekström

Paula is a creative and competent teacher with many years of experience in teaching, creative activities and performances for younger children. At Nordenfeltska she teaches flute, flute ensembles and the courses Fife Fun and Music and Play. She has done her studies at SMI, Stockholm Music Pedagogical Institute, KMH, The Royal College of Music and from Stockholm University. Professionally, Paula plays in the Duo 2Friends with the pianist Ulla Schuback. She has the student/child in focus and with her joy and commitment she always sees opportunities to learn and develop the child´s musical talent.

Mobile: +46-70-496 35 15

Suzanna Kroon Hahr


Suzanna is a pianist, piano teacher and church musician. Educated at Malmö Music Academy and Ersta & Sköndal University College. Private piano studies in i.a.

London and Paris. Studies in conducting with Per Lyng and Kurt Rapf.

She has been a rehearsal director at the Opera Academy in Stockholm and Opera Studio '67. Over the years Suzanna has worked as a concert pianist in Sweden and abroad, as a church musician, accompanist and chamber musician, and has appeared on TV and radio. She enjoys playing and teaching different genres, such as classical, pop and jazz.

Mobile: 070-9208223
Mail: hahr58@hotmail.com

Eva Brink

Eva teaches singing and piano. Eva is a classically trained pianist at the Nordic Conservatory of Music. In addition to working as a teacher at Nordenfeltska for many years, she has also worked as an accompanist, rehearsal artist and church musician. Eva has worked with many different genres such as gospel, jazz, musical and theatre music.

Mobile: +46-73-378 77 26

Natalia Markova


Natalia has a classical education in piano and works as a piano teacher and accompanist. She has studied in Moscow and at the Stockholm Music Pedagogical Institute (SMI). She has been teaching piano since 2006. Several of her students have received diplomas and prizes, in competitions and festivals, both at national and international level. Natalia teaches children and adults everything from classical music to pop and jazz.

Carl Mörner Ringström


Began his musical career in hard rock but later trained at the jazz musician line at the Rhythmic Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, where he lived and worked for 10 years. Has taught at all levels, from beginners to music college and also freelances as a musician in many different genres, both during recording and in live situations.

Mobile: +46-70-376 47 41

Caroline Waldermarsson


Caroline teaches violin. Born and raised in Ludvika, Dalarna. Has studied at the Stockholm Academy of Music, Jacob School of Music - Indiana USA and at the NSKA (Dutch String Quartet Academy) in Amsterdam. At the Stockholm Academy of Music she studied violin methodology/pedagogy with the legendary pedagogue Ulla Magnusson.

Caroline has played in most of Sweden's major orchestras, in the string quartet Treitlerkvartetten and in numerous projects with pop artists.

She is passionate about teaching and has had private students for 15 years and also worked at Kulturama and Imanuelskyrkans musikskola.

Anna Strååt

Anna has been teaching piano at all levels for many years: from beginners to advanced level. She has worked at Ingesunds Musikhögskola and Södra Latins Music School. Anna freelances as a concert pianist in Sweden and abroad. Educated at the Stockholm School of Music as a soloist and piano teacher. The Musical Academy's international scholarship led to a further 3 years of concert training in Winterthur, Switzerland, Masterclasses in Salzburg, Prague, Siena, Tromsø and Stockholm.

Mobile: +46-70-755 16 14

Marcel Guerra

Piano & synth
Marcel teaches piano and synthesizer and has a wide range of skills from classical to jazz and pop. He is a concert pianist and a graduate of the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia. There he received a "Master of Fine Arts". Since then he has successfully performed at festivals and concerts in Russia, Germany, Uzbekistan, Finland, Sweden, Canada and the USA. Marcel has also worked as a pianist and orchestral musician for operas and ballet performances. In addition, he has conducted pop and salsa bands, taught piano in various prominent music schools, and composed and recorded music for theatre, film, radio and television.

Mobile: 073-5116186

Casper Waldna

Casper was previously trained at Lilla Akademien and is now studying at the Royal College of Music with the eminent Dan Laurin. He is a member of the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble and also freelances as a church musician around Sweden.

Manfred Hulebo

Teaches piano mainly in the genres of jazz, pop, soul and classical but adapts the lessons to the student's own needs, wishes and interests. Manfred works as a freelance musician, both live and in studio, and is active in several groups, ranging from the Defense field artists to his own jazz trio Hulegård's kapell.

Mobile: 073-504 00 61

Jonatan Bengtsson (leave of duty)

Jonathan is a piano teacher with a focus on pop, rock, house, soul and jazz but adapts the teaching to a large extent according to the student's wishes and interest. Is mainly a professional musician and conductor in musicals, musical theatre & concerts and has toured with various artists and music projects both in Sweden and abroad.

Mobile: 070-3322653

Donald Annmo

Guitar and bass
Kalle teaches guitar, bass guitar, theory and singer-songwriter. Educated at Sjövik and Fridhem Folk High Schools. Plays all kinds of styles: pop, rock, jazz, soul, house, hip hop and more. Also works as a freelance musician and plays with many different bands and artists. Kalle is from Gothenburg, but has been a Stockholmer since 2006.

Mobile: 073 208 23 87

Maria Gontevas

Maria Gontevas is a singer and trained singing and piano teacher at Kungl. Stockholm School of Music. Maria has driven behind several artists both on stage and on albums and has also sung in gospel choir and vocal group. In her own song, Maria has mainly devoted herself to soul and pop, but has experience in teaching jazz, musical and rock as well. In teaching, Maria and her students want to find songs and from these they want to go into different areas of development in the song such as singing technique, variety of vibrato, dynamics and also theatrical expression.

email: lizamariagontevas@gmail.com


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